AAAAAAAAAaaaand we’re back!


So sorry for the two week hiatus due to my job change and complete lifestyle schedule switch. If your wondering “what nonsense is she spouting??” Please hit the back button to the prior post that explains the whole song and dance that was last week and the week prior. I am starting to get adjusted to the change. For the first time, I actually KOed and slept without being woken for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Since I have moved I have been a relatively light sleeper, thus anything wakes me unfortunately and unless I am dead tired I won’t get past that :[ Hopefully I will adjust well enough to have time to draw before bed. Its killing me and train/bus commute drawing doesn’t work when you have 3-4 transfers to make.


Did every one have a great weekend last weekend. Hope you all have a great one this weekend.

Stay awesome! ♥