Hello Kickin’ Rad readers,


Divi here. Hope all is well and you has a wonderful St. Patties Day Weekend. I didn’t really celebrate other than wear green.


I am here to explain briefly the lack of updates and to assure you that the comic has not died.. or disappeared. Its still being worked on, to be honest. What really happened was, as of the 5th of this month I began a new job (school receptionist). Before then it was pretty much a day to day thing waiting and seeing if I get called to sub at any schools. When I came upon the long term temporary position I figured I should take it. It ended up being nearly an 1hr 1/2 away via public transit. Due to that my typical work day including waking and commute is from 5am – 7:40pm. Which is a gigantic chunk out of my day. Because of that it really chopped off a lot of the production time I had before to work on KR and get it out on a timely basis. I am barely online anymore to which bums.


This week the comic will surely update! And I’m hoping I can figure out a way to keep it as such with my crazy schedule. I am still not used to it yet, I cant even sleep when wish to, it’ll probably take another week before I get used to this . Thanks for all your¬†patience¬†and lovely comments. I read everyone and even if I might not comment to them all, but I try to.


We also joined inkOutbreak! If you have an account please go ahead and add us, and give us a thumbs up!