Been a rough week this week, especially in regards to the writer of the comic. I wont go into much detail, between his work and something that happened earlier this week with his cat Pixel. Unfortunately, the comic update for this week has been delayed. I wanted to give give him re-coop time. Everyone needs it every once in a while.  We are all human.. right? Do we have robot readers out there?? O_O;


I had a pretty odd way to end the week, with my only pair of glasses frames breaking half yesterday. Which made me terrible klutzy that morning and as it did feel like while the day went on it wasn’t getting any better. At the days end i found out I’ve got all next week off which i can devote to studies, trying to spruce up this page and work on art x comics.


Have any questions of either of us? (Saint / Divi)

Have a question for Jo?

Ask away. I am pretty sure we do read all the comments to be honest! And appreciate every single one. Thanks for sticking with us here.

[Okay let me get my face out of this screen to see what i am typing =_=]